Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dear Diary,

Hey. Alexis here. Well, I didn't realize that moving to Sunset Valley from Midnight Hollow would mean I'd have to live into some old, gross house. It was all sixteen thousand dollars can afford! I don't see why daddy couldn't just BUY me a mansion. Just because I want freedom doesn't mean I don't want money.
Anyway, I guess I'll write a bit about my family, since one day when I'm gone, someone's going to find the diary of the legendary Alexis Alexander (it's going to stay that way. When I get married, they're taking MY name.) and suddenly they'll find out she was more than a pretty face. Which, might I add, I so definitely have.
Well, my dad was famous in Midnight Hollow for being a prophet. I call it a fortune teller, but he says it's more than that. Whatever. That's why I came to Sunset Valley. I would have much preferred the urban ways of Bridgeport, but daddy said I had a mission here in the Valley. That, if I came here and followed the simple instructions left, I'd leave a legacy that would last generations.
And that sounded pretty damn COOL.
When I finished unpacking, I realized I had NO money left! I couldn't even buy a guitar to practice for my new career. One day I'll be a rock star. But anyway, since I had nothing to do, I decided to go meet my new neighbor. Hopefully I don't hate them. That would be very bad, I think.

He opened the door immediately. I thought he was pretty cute.
We started talking (in between a bit of flirting, obviously. Who can resist this?) and I found out he had just moved here, too, from Twinbrook. I had never heard of Twinbrook. It sounded lame. But, this cutie had been born there, so it couldn't be that bad.
I decided to stop pretending to care about his backstory and move in for the kill. Hey, he's my neighbor. Love thy neighbor, right? ...what do you MEAN, that's not how it's supposed to be used? Whatever. I've never been religious.
He led me to the shower. I thought that was perfect.
As I walked out of his house, I couldn't get rid of that dumb walk. Oh well. I think it suits me.
Then, to end the first day perfectly, I headed over to the Theatre to get a job in the music career. Watch out, Sunset Valley! You've got a star on your hands.

Future Rock Star, Alexis Alexander

Hello! I'm Madi, and I'm starting this new Random Legacy..... whee. I know this is a really short first chapter, they'll get longer, I promise.
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  1. Great start! I hope Alexis gets that guitar soon, she'll need it!
    And sorry I took so long to get here! :| *feels bad*